All Little Girls Go To Heaven

Throughout all of my years of researching and writing about celebrities cases, none have stuck with me more so than Judith Barsi.

Judith - Cover.jpg

A prime child star in the 1980’s who had appeared in over 70 tv commercials, multiple tv shows and films that include: Jaws: The Revenge, The Land Before Time and All Dogs Go to Heaven.

Judith showed an incredible range of acting. Most of her television roles involving that of being a victim of abuse.

On screen the abuse had been an act. In real life, however, it was much too real for this young girl.

Judith’s father, Jozsef Barsi, was a raging, jealous man who physically and mentally abused both Judith and her mother, Maria. The abuse ended by the hands of Jozsef after putting a gun to both Maria and Judith’s heads, shooting away the life in them. Judith was only 10 years old.

Judith and Mom
Judith and her mother Maria.

The abuse affected Judith so much that her growth was stunted and she often played roles much younger than her real age. The continuing success of her film/tv career made Jozsef more and more angry; threatening to kill them and himself. The more angry he got – the more drunk he would get. Jozsef was arrested on 3 seperate occasions for drunk driving.

December of 1986, Maria reported his threats to harm her and Judith. Police found no physical signs of violence towards them and no charges were filed.

Judith and best Friend Trixie
Judith and her best friend Trixie.

 During an audition for All Dogs Go To Heaven, Judith broke down in front of her agent resulting in Maria taking her to see a child psychologist who identified severe physical and mental abuse, and reported this to Child Protective Services. At this time Judith pulling out her eyebrows and eyelashes and plucked out her cats whiskers.

The investigation was dropped by Maria who assured the case worker that she would divorce Jozsef and make sure Judith was kept safe.

Judith was last seen the morning of July 25th, 1988, riding her bike. That evening while Judith slept, Jozsef shot her in her head and then killed Maria. He reportedly sat in the house the next two days and spoke to Judith’s agent on the phone stating that he was leaving for good and just needed time to say goodbye to his little girl.

He poured gasoline over their bodies and set fire to them before going into the garage and shooting himself.

Judith - Body.jpg
Judith’s corpse being carried from the house. Note the two policemen on the left crying.

August 9th, 1988, Judith and Maria were buried side by side at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles. Judith and her mother only got headstones within the past few years. Her final film, All Dogs Go To Heaven, was released after her death.

Her story has gone mostly unheard since that day in 1988.

A documentary on Judith’s life and career is in the works by Tim Burchett, who has done extensive research on Judith throughout the past few years.

In March of 2016, Judith was brought to life again by Hollywood Medium, Tyler Henry, on his television show. During a psychic reading for Tracey Gold, (who spoke at her funeral and was a former co star of Judith’s) Judith came through and thanked her for the love and support she recieved after her death.

Judith also went on to say that she felt no pain during her passing and that she forgives her mother for not leaving her father in time.

Judith Barsi 15

It’s a tragic story from Hollywood that has been kept in the shadows for too long.

Tyler Henry comfirmed what we all were hoping — all little girls go to heaven. The important thing to remember is that both Judith and her  mother feel no pain anymore and they are together, in the afterlife, for eternity and Judiths movies will forever be watched and adored.

Rest in Peace Judith and Maria.

Judith Barsi 2