My Many Projects

An update on all the projects I have thrown myself into through the years.

I’m notorious for starting projects that, sadly, never go anywhere or never get finished. I’ve started MANY projects throughout the last 5 years. Wanted to give an official update on what is to come.

My Scotty Beckett Biopic:

About 3 years ago I started to delve into the life of actor Scotty Beckett. This is one of my great challenges.

Scotty led a life of ultimate mystery and the more I dug into his past, the more questions I had. I’ve interviewed his family, co stars, and friends and nearly every one of them told me that he was a no good man and that a book should not be in the works. Some things are better left in the dark. Leave Scotty’s story alone.

Due to lack of information (medical files, institutions privacy, etc.) I found that writing a book on his life was taking a toll on me. Just no one (who knew him) wanted to talk about him.

This project was put on the back burner.

I have the intention of releasing all of the interviews and information I received in the future. May be in a documentary or in a book. We will just have to wait and see. When the moment is right, I’ll release it.

Scotty’s life and death definitely is a heavy topic.

The Jack Pickford Story:

My main man: Jack Pickford. SO many ideas. I have all the information I need to write a full length biography on his life and death – it’s just a matter of time before it gets pieced together.

Lucille Ricksen / Memoir:

My memoir and past life story as Lucille Ricksen is written and finished! Just matter of editing and publishing and such. Hoping for a release within the next few years.

Other projects I’m in the midst of creating:

I’m constantly creating and coming up with ideas for future projects. Some of the main topics lately; a documentary about Minnesota cold cases, writing about the life of actor Justin Pierce, and many more.

I take on way to many projects but it’s what I enjoy doing.

And on top of all that, I was delayed for a few months; moving to California and pursuing other career options.

2 thoughts on “My Many Projects

  1. Just don’t always believe what you hear from people. Alfalfa had as much of a sad life as Scotty Beckett did and yet a book is going to be written about him. Please don’t give up on Scotty, please continue to write his life story. Fans want to know about Scotty and know the truth.


    1. True BUT there are more resources on Alfies life. The author of the book is in talks with his family &, to my knowledge, is including bios on Alfies brother as well. He has more to work with. No one wants to talk about Scotty and, from the stories I’ve been told, I understand why. My resources are just very limited. I’m not canceling out the possibility of a book; I just can’t handle it mentally right now. There is a reason why no author has been able to write this bio. His family and friends don’t want it told.

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