Special Announcement

Hello everyone!

I’ve been working/editing my novel the past few days. Tying loose ends and completing stories. Still not finished with the entire book but coming close — I can’t wait to share my story!

I’d like to thank all of the wonderful people who have been supporting me during this time of my life. It took a lot of guts and bravery on my part to come out and disclose memories that are painful to me and hearing from people who were inspired by my story made it worth it. It truly means a lot to me. Over the course of the past few months, I’ve received some hateful comments. People telling me I’m going to hell, that I am damaging the name of certain celebrities — Lucille Ricksen — I’ve gotten hate emails about Jack Pickford, and even some remarks that I am whoring myself to the public.

I am not a fame monster. I would never dishonor Lucille’s memory just to get my name on television — and I don’t think that I have dishonored her. My main goal was to educate and share the struggles of her life. Through the years, she’s been painted as only a victim and simply a name. Nothing more. I wanted everyone to know that Lucille’s life was much more than that. She was happy, bright, and was loved many. There’s tragedy in everyone’s life. Lucille had tragedy but it wasn’t her entire life. Just the last few months. She was a human being, we all have our faults.

Lucille Ricksen
Lucille Ricksen

All of that being said, I’ve received way more positive reviews than negative. The positive, to me, out weighs the negative. I do not regret a single thing I have done.

In other exciting news, I’m working on a special project that will include everyone who has been so kind to me. I have many documents and pieces of Lucille’s life that I want to share with all the wonderful people who support not only my life, but Lucille’s as well.

I’ll be sending — through the mail — handwritten notes, fragments of my book, pictures, and much more. The subject of what I send will most likely change as my writing is still in process. It will be a special piece of my life shared with the ones who have been kind to me through this journey of my life.

To anyone who is interested in participating in this project, please email me at:


Thanks again!!X0

– Amy

4 thoughts on “Special Announcement

  1. Whoa, good luck with that. Writing a book is hard work. You don’t seem like a fame whore, because you actually have an interest in silent movies and Lucille Ricksen. Whenever I think of silent movies, I think of you. Over on my Examiner column, I’ve decided to write about The Ten Commandments film from 1923 that was filmed as a silent in Anaheim. Sort of as a buildup to the new Exodus film coming out. And then I thought, I wonder what Amy is up to these days…


  2. Hello Amy

    I saw you on Ghost Inside my Child and googled.
    I read a little more and saw a youtube video about when you were Lucille. Apparently, we tend to remember past lives that have ended unnaturally or violently.

    I am so glad that your mum now is intelligent and open minded enough to know you are telling the truth, and that she realised how important it would be for you to read what has been written about you at that time and to help you reconcile with what you can’t redress from then, as well as to help you lay Lucille to rest, in the past so your spirit can heal and progress healthily.

    R.I.P. Lucille. Welcome to a better life and future now you’re Amy 🙂


  3. Hi I saw you on “Ghost in my child” and I have fragments of past life memories(my recent one) myself so once I finally know my name, I would definitely share it! Also, good luck with your memoir.


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