The House on Littler Lane – The Death of Anissa Jones

Wonderful post about actress Anissa Jones. A must read.

Wonderland1981 - The Wonderland Murders

Blog Note:  Go HERE to read the police report.


They say that the weather in southern California is awesome, quite possibly the best anywhere on Earth. But, when the sun goes down and movie stars and celebrities begin to play, anything can happen. There is simply no place for the dirty laundry or hard truths to hide, for they are right out in the open at daybreak. That goes for washed up actors and former child stars as well. It happens all too often. This case, though, is a bit different. It was one of the first shocking deaths of a former child star. This was Buffy.

The story of Anissa Jones, former star of the series “Family Affair” is no less strange or bizarre than anything that has ever happened to Hollywood. This sad episode occurred in 1976 and is still being discussed on internet forums and discussion…

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